12 Simple tips to boost your mental health dramatically

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Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.

Henry David Thoreau.

Having good mental health is as important as having good physical health. But we often ignore this aspect of our lives and we get lost in the day-to-day problems of life. That’s when we feel helpless and exhausted, and we start to look around for things that can bring that spark of happiness and joy again. But often, these sparks of joy only last for a short instance of time. What we actually need is something durable and can resist the tests of life. Something so simple that makes a huge impact on our lives, a few habits and changes that can change our mental well-being dramatically.

These underrated habits are things you can do every day and I promise, you’ll see a difference in your mental health once you start being consistent with implementing these habits. 

Opening the window in the morning and allowing fresh air

Fresh air can optimize your overall wellbeing. Fresh air allows new energy to enter the space and freshen it up. When you open your windows in the morning, you’ll allow all the bad air and energy to fly off the window and this will allow new air to come inside. This small habit is crucial and not a lot of people pay attention to it. When you constantly live in a closed space all day long, you’ll feel a heavy sensation. 

Having an empty space 

Less is always more, having a cluttered space will not only make you feel miserable but it’ll also make you feel tired. In the other side, having a clear and uncluttered space is pleasing to the eyes. Not only that, having less items makes your life much easier, it’ll give you more freedom because you don’t have to worry about putting things in place and cleaning around all the time, Which can be tiring to do. Having empty spaces allow your mind to get relaxed and creative. 

Taking a short morning walk

Get out of the house and take a short walk, I’m telling you, this will improve your mood in a second. Just the smell of fresh air and the sound of birds chirping can alleviate the spirit and create such a nice harmony inside your head. There’s something special about the calmness in the early hours of the morning, something so simple as this can truly make a difference in your life.

Not having toxic people in your life

Your relationships with people can either build you up or destroy you. Almost all of our joys and suffering come from people. That’s why it’s important to choose your people wisely and only allow those who truly value you into your life. I’m not saying that you should live in a bubble and isolate yourself and only talk to good people because this isn’t real life. Bad people can teach us some valuable lessons. What I’m saying is, set boundaries and don’t allow yourself to be an open book to those who can cause you harm. Say no to drama and peacefully walk away from those who don’t respect you and those who cause trouble. This will not only clear your mind but it’ll also allow space for healthy and great relationships where you can thrive.

Having a few good relationships

If you have a good relationship with someone, hold on tight. You don’t know how much this will affect your health. Good people are like a breath of fresh air, they’re important and rare. Take your time and make them a phone call, send them a sweet message or wrap them a small gift. This will not only make their day but it’ll make yours too. 

Sleeping early

You’ve probably heard about the 5 am morning routine and how people have improved their lives by waking up so early. What I don’t see often is going to bed early routines. People dismiss this important step. I’m not gonna ask you to wake up early because I’m definitely not a 5 am kinda person. But I do know for a fact that sleeping early is so important for your body. Sleeping early will improve your quality of life, you’ll allow your body to reset properly and get energized for the next day. And by early I mean 7 to 10 pm 8:30 is the sweet spot for me. Don’t ignore this habit as it can be the reason why you feel tired and unfulfilled all the time.

Eating healthy

You’re probably tired of hearing this word all the time. The internet is flooded with “healthy” lifestyles and diets, each claiming it’s the perfect plan that’ll change your life. But the truth is unless you have a medical condition that requires you to follow a specific diet, a healthy meal is something that’s varied and preferably homecooked, something that includes healthy fats and carbs and plenty of vitamins. It’s anything that can make you feel happy physically and mentally. Good food doesn’t mean salad, it doesn’t mean only veggies and it definitely doesn’t mean no pizza. 

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Drinking plenty

What’s a healthy diet without plenty of water right? In order to maintain good health you need to start with drinking water. Your body needs it and so does your soul. Being dehydrated can make you feel tired and bloated. 

Talking less

Silence is serene, you can say more by talking less. Silence is powerful but talking a lot is weakening. Say no to gossiping and small talk. It’s diminishing and exhausting. It makes you feel empty inside. By talking less, you’re allowing yourself to think clearly. 

Having some greenery inside your house

You don’t need to have a green thumb to keep plants alive. Some beautiful low-maintenance house plants like cactuses, and Monstera Deliciosa, can alleviate any space and make it look joyful. Greenery is proven to contribute to good mental health as it allows one to reconnect with nature and it gives calming vibes. 

Learning something new every day

We thrive by learning. When you learn something new every day, you’re allowing yourself to grow. Learning gives you a sense of satisfaction and joy. It gives you freedom and that can lead to good mental stamina.

Teach something to someone 

Spread your knowledge, even if you think you have nothing to teach. Believe or not you have plenty to give to other people. Teaching others can boost your confidence and give you a new meaning to your life. 

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