Best Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby + free printable templates

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Now, it’s about time for delivery and you’re starting to go through the nesting phase, where you’re trying to figure out how to get everything done and you’re trying to figure out what you should pack in your hospital bag before the baby comes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone and hopefully, you’ll get everything done before the baby comes and you’ll get to enjoy your first week with your baby without having to worry.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You’ve come to the right place to look for the perfect hospital bag checklist. You’re probably in your last trimester right now. You’ve come a long way and you did a great job carrying and nurturing your little blessing in your tummy. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to print all the hospital bag checklists for free! So keep reading.

So first things first, 

When should I pack my hospital bag?

You can start packing your hospital bags as soon as you enter the third trimester as you never know what could possibly go wrong. Some women experience premature labour, that’s why it’s worth preparing in advance rather than panicking last minute. You don’t want to end up packing the wrong items as this could give you a really bad experience at the hospital. Without mentioning the stress that you don’t want to deal with when that time comes. Nothing can go wrong with being organized in advance. 

what do you really need to take to the hospital?

You’ll need to take 1 suitcase for the mother and baby’s essentials and a large handbag.

Mommy’s suitcase essentials checklist

mommy's hospital bag checklist- hospital bag checklist
ClothesToiletriesElectronics and other essential
2 sets of comfy pyjamasShowering essentialsPhone and charger
Tank topToothbrush and toothpastePower bank
breastfeeding braMoisturizer  hairdryer
Long dressing gownNursing padsMemory card
1 comfy outwearpack of maternity padsComfy pillow
compression socks Pull up incontinence pantsNursing pillow
2 towelsWhich hazel linersHairbrush, hairbands and hair clips
nursing coverdeodorantPostpartum Vitamins 
1 comfy outwearNipple balmMakeup purse 
shower slippersPeri bottle

Baby’s bag essentials checklist

baby's essentials- hospital bag checklist
Baby’s essentials
ClothesOther essentials
2 baby overall suits and 2 vests (newborn and 1st size)Size 0 nappies
2 hats and scratch mittensdummy (pacifier)
1 cute outfit for when you go homeBaby lotion
swaddling blanketportable soother sterilizer 
1 baby jumpsuit coat or jacket if it’s cold Baby wipes
Blanket Baby car seat
Muslin squares 
Small towels
Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby
handbag essentials

the handbag should have all your snacks and papers and everything that can be easily reached while you’re waiting to deliver your baby. and the suitcase will be for after the delivery and it should contain all clothes and essentials for you and your baby.

Hospital handbag essentials
Hospital book
ID card
Cash and credit card
phone and charger
books or magazines
Snacks and juices
Water bottle
charged camera

You ultimate hospital bag checklist

hospital bag Best Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby + free printable templates

    What is the best way to keep my hospital bags organized?

    The best way to keep your hospital bags organized is by sectioning all your stuff into categories. You’ll need to purchase organizing packing cubes. These are so handy and can be reused for trips or even around the house when you’re done using them for the hospital. 

    hospital bag organising- hospital bag checklist for mom and baby

    Or another way to organize your hospital stuff without spending money is by categorizing your items and packing them into ziplock bags. They’re quite useful and what I love about them is that you can label the bags so that it’s easier for others or for you to navigate through your bags.

    The only downside to this is that its plastic. And if you’re not using reusable ziplock bags which can be quite expensive- then you can reuse the plastic ziplock bags again when you’re out of the hospital to avoid waste.

     Put each category of your items in one of these bags and label them. That way everyone knows where is everything. This will save you time and energy.

    You can pack smaller versions of your toiletries to avoid grabbing everything last minute. If you want to save the planet, you can always purchase empty mini bottles and fill them up with your shampoo and conditioner. That way you’re not using disposable items. 

    This list might seem too long but believe me, things add up and it’s better to be well prepared. 

    Useful tips for before and after labour

    • If you’re driving to the hospital, always make sure that your car is never running out of gas in the days leading up to your labour.
    • Make a birth plan. This will help your nurses to know what you prefer during your labour and what are your wishes. 
    • Cook your meals in advance and freeze them. That way, you don’t have to worry about cooking for the first days after you have your baby. 
    • In the days leading up to your labour, make sure you’re having enough nutrients and vitamins. This will help you a lot during labour and will give you the energy to push.
    • Prepare a playlist of your favourite songs to listen to while you’re waiting in the hospital. You never know how long you’ll be waiting until the baby comes.
    • Keep moving. Walking for at least 30 minutes daily before delivery can play a huge role in making your labour go smoother and quicker. 
    • Use a hot bath and a bounce on a birthing ball daily to soften your cervix and prepare you for an easier delivery.
    • Practice breathing techniques. You can watch some useful youtube videos to learn how to breathe properly during labour
    • Always follow your nurse’s instructions while pushing your baby. This will help you ease your delivery and prevent perineal tearing during labour.
    hospital bag checklist

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