7 common body changes after pregnancy nobody talks about.

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 Carrying and nurturing a baby for nine months inside your body is a miracle. Bearing the pain of giving birth is another level of sacrifice. And what happens after you deliver your baby is a whole other story. 

When people talk about pregnancy, they often stop at the stage where the baby is born. Everyone seems to be curious to know every detail about your pregnancy, but once the baby’s here, all the questions and the how are you doing suddenly vanish.

 I don’t feel like people pay much attention to body changes after pregnancy apart from the obvious things like breastfeeding , hair loss, and weight gain. But often, there’s more to the story.

When I gave birth to my first child, I remember being surprised by so many things I never heard of. Things that happened to my body that I didn’t expect would happen. I was so surprised that nobody, at least in my circle, has informed me about them. When I asked around, it appeared that it’s so common.

But my question was, why does nobody talk about these things?

So here I am, talking about the things that can happen to your body after you give birth to your precious little angel.

The common body changes after pregnancy 

After you give birth, your body will take the time to heal. Your body carried your baby for nine months and it will take at least another nine months to heal completely. A lot of women experience body changes during pregnancy. And it’s unrealistic to expect your body to go back to shape after you give birth immediately, or after just a few weeks or months. Depending on your body and the type of birth you had, your body might go through some changes. Some of these more common changes are:

A lot of these things are common and expected to happen after pregnancy but what about the uncommon changes? 

Body changes after pregnancy nobody will tell you about

1. Painful urination 

In the days following birth, going to the toilet is going to be the most difficult experience about postpartum, at least that’s how I felt. You’ll likely experience severe pain when you pee. And the reason for this is that your baby has been pressing on your bladder for so long, and now, that your bladder is going back to its original position, You may experience severe pain while you pass urine. 

But don’t be scared, this should improve within a few days and you’ll go back to peeing as normal as before. 

2. Endless bowel movement

You may notice that whenever you go number two and you wipe, you just keep wiping and the poop just doesn’t seem to go away. Even if you clean it with water, it’s just still there. That’s more common than you think and you’re not alone. This is called bowel incontinence, and It should clear within a few months. If it doesn’t, speak to your doctor about it and they should be able to help you treat it. 

3. Hair loss

Remember the shiny, thick and healthy-looking hair that you had during pregnancy? Well, that’s all going out of the window once you give birth. Your hair will shed due to the sudden decrease in estrogen levels. But that also means that you’ll lose the extra thick annoying hair you grew in your body during pregnancy. But don’t be alarmed as this is not a permanent hair loss. Your hair will go back to growing as normal as it was pre-pregnancy. 

4. Wider hips and ribs

To accommodate your growing womb, your hips and ribs will expand during pregnancy. For some women, this will be a permanent change to their bodies. 

5. Sizing up your shoes

If you experienced swollen feet during pregnancy then you might have noticed that your shoes don’t fit you anymore and you had to go and buy a new pair of shoes because you sized up.  This size change is usually permanent. 

6. Itchy skin

Your skin may become dry and itchy due to sudden hormonal changes. Make sure to always keep moisturizing your body to avoid itchiness. 

7. Dental problems

Once you get pregnant, your growing baby will start taking nutrients directly from your body. But this doesn’t stop after you give birth. If you’re planning to breastfeed, then make sure you’re having enough calcium and vitamins to support your baby’s calcium intake and avoid tooth loss. 

How to deal with postpartum body changes?

Having a baby is cool and beautiful. But having to deal with the changes that occur after birth can sometimes be stressful. A lot of women will lose confidence and deal with body image issues.

With all the social beauty standards out there, and the “perfect” bodies, influencers have after having a baby, can make it difficult for women to deal with postpartum body changes. But I’m here to tell you that your health is what matters the most.

Focus on your inner health and your body will bounce back at its own pace. Make sure you’re eating a healthy balanced diet, and you’re drinking enough fluids to help support your body through the postpartum journey. 

If you feel overwhelmed and upset about how your body looks, try to reach out to a health professional to help you cope, and make the necessary steps to make you feel more confident in your body.

Speak to your other mommy friends. Chances are that a lot of them have experienced the same thing. Speak to them and see how they dealt with it. If you don’t have any mommy friends, then Facebook groups can be a huge help and a safe place to share your thoughts and get support.

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