30 unique boy names starting with X with meaning and pronunciation.

Boy names starting with “X” are relatively uncommon, making them a unique and distinctive choice for your baby boy. These names often have diverse origins, including Greek, Spanish, Basque, and more, which can add cultural richness to your child’s name.

Some “X” names, like Xavier and Xander, have become more popular in recent years, while others, such as Xolani and Xerxes, maintain a sense of tradition and history. Whether you prefer a name with a specific meaning or simply enjoy the sound and uniqueness of “X” names, there are various options to explore, each with its own charm and character.

When choosing a name for your son, consider not only how it sounds but also its meaning and cultural significance. Whether you’re drawn to the exotic flair of Xerxes or the modern appeal of Xayden, there’s an “X” name out there that can be the perfect fit for your little one.

boy names starting with X

  1. Xander (ZAN-der): This name is often a short form of Alexander and means “defender of the people.”
  2. Xavi (ZAH-vee): A Catalan and Spanish name, often short for Xavier, which means “bright” or “splendid.”
  3. Xeno (ZEE-noh): Derived from the Greek word “xenos,” meaning “stranger” or “foreigner.”
  4. Xerxes (ZURK-seez): Of Persian origin, this name means “warrior king” and is associated with ancient Persian royalty.
  5. Xolani (zoh-LAH-nee): A Zulu name from South Africa, it means “peace” or “peaceful.”
  6. Xylon (ZY-lon): This Greek name refers to a “forest” or “wooded area.”
  7. Xanthos (ZAN-thos): Derived from the Greek word for “yellow” or “fair hair.”
  8. Xabier (HAH-bee-er): A Basque name, equivalent to the name Xavier, meaning “new house” or “bright.”
  9. Xiomar (ZY-o-mar): This name has various origins and can mean “famous in battle” or “ready for battle.”
  10. Xenon (ZEE-non): Named after the chemical element xenon, which means “foreign” or “strange.”
  11. Xael (ZAYL): A unique and modern-sounding name with no specific meaning but a futuristic appeal.
  12. Xayden (ZAY-den): A modern and trendy name with no traditional meaning but a distinctive sound.
  13. Xylander (ZY-lan-der): A creative and unique name with no widely recognized meaning.
  14. Xeroph (ZER-off): An invented name with a futuristic sound and no established meaning.
  15. Xandor (ZAN-dor): A distinctive name with no widely known meaning, giving it an air of mystery.

boy names ideas

  1. Xylon (ZY-lon): Derived from the Greek word for “forest” or “wood.”
  2. Xoan (ZHWAHN): A Galician form of the name John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  3. Xamuel (ZAH-moo-el): A unique variation of Samuel, which means “heard by God.”
  4. Xiro (ZEE-roh): A name of Greek origin meaning “wooden.”
  5. Xerach (ZEH-rak): A Spanish name of uncertain origin, making it unique and mysterious.
  6. Xian (ZEE-ahn): A name with various origins, it can mean “peaceful” in Chinese or “first light” in Arabic.
  7. Xylon (ZY-lon): As mentioned earlier, it means “forest” or “wooded area” in Greek.
  8. Xayvion (ZAY-vee-on): A modern and creative name with no widely recognized meaning.
  9. Xyler (ZY-ler): A unique and contemporary name with no traditional meaning.
  10. Xenith (ZEN-ith): An invented name with a futuristic and positive-sounding quality.
  11. Xianli (SHYEN-lee): A Chinese name meaning “virtuous” or “worthy.”
  12. Xalvador (zal-va-DOR): A unique variation of the name Salvador, which means “savior.”
  13. Xzander (ZAN-der): A creative spelling of the name Xander, which means “defender of the people.”
  14. Xylon (ZY-lon): Repeated from earlier, it remains a distinctive name for nature lovers.
  15. Xachary (ZAK-uh-ree): A creative variation of the name Zachary, which means “remembered by God.”

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