11 best gifts for new moms- What she really needs.

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a good, useful gift. A well thought one. We often get stuck on what are possibly the best gifts for new moms. something that’s not going to end up wasted. Something that’s going to be helpful for the new mom to get through the postpartum journey. 

So what are the best gifts for new moms?

1- Money

Seriously, cash in hand is the ideal gift you can give a new parent. Does the baby really need all of these outfits and toys? She’s probably received a ton of these and most of them will end up unused. So why not give the new parent the freedom of getting what they want. Maybe they do have everything they need and they just want some cash back after they’ve spent so much already. 

2-Maternity photoshoot session

Not the usual right? Any new parent will agree that looking back at their newborn photos is the greatest thing ever. But what if the photos are crappy? Well, not if you give them the opportunity to have the best photo shoots every parent dreams of. 

3- A food subscription box

You’re going to save a new mom’s life with that one! Trust me, cooking is the last thing a new mom will want to think about in the first days or weeks following childbirth. But a new mother has to eat to recover and provide the best quality milk for her bubba. 

And it’s not always possible to have someone around to provide that healthy meal for her. How sad! So a gift like this one is worth every penny. And this new mamma will remember it for the rest of her life. 

4- Cleaning service

What a wonderful idea, you’re thinking! In the first week or two postpartum, the new mom is busy recovering and taking care of her newborn. She won’t bother much about the state of her house. But I’m sure she’ll appreciate it if her house’s clean and tidy. Having a cleaner once a week for at least the first two weeks will be a huge deal for her, Believe me. Plus, you’re not adding to the clutter of useless gifts! 

5- Diapers and wipes

Say what again? Yes, diapers and wipes can be quite expensive. But there isn’t much a new mom can do about it. A baby has to wear diapers and stay clean. So why not offer to pay for the costs of diapers and wipes! 

6- Wipes warmer

Although a wipe warmer isn’t a top necessity to have, it can come in handy during the freezing winter nights. Do they worth the price? definitely. having tried one myself I can assure you that it’s an underrated baby product. it does serve a purpose and it will be used quite frequently.

7- Breast pump

Breast pumps are a must-have for mamas who are willing to breastfeed. But the price tag-Although you can find affordable good options- can add up to the endless list of baby items that the new parents will have to buy. So definitely consider this as a gift because it will be much appreciated and well used.

8- Diaper bag

Not just any diaper bag, a stylish one. One that can be used for other things later on when the baby is no longer a baby. There are a lot of diaper bags out there that are affordable, stylish and hold so much stuff without being bulky. 

These types of bags can go with every outfit this new mamma will wear. I’m sure she’ll be over the moon when she receives it. Trust me! 

9- Postpartum recovery kit

Unless she’s been given all the information she needs, and she’s watched a ton of videos and read dozens of blogs on how to take care of your body after childbirth, a new mom won’t necessarily know what she’s really going to need to get through the postpartum period. Therefore, a postpartum recovery kit is the best gift you can give her. She’ll appreciate it a lot. 

10-Essential oils diffuser 

Probably not the go-to gift you’d think about for a new mom. However, an essential oil diffuser with a pack of essential oils will calm and remove the stress of sleepless nights. It’s a great way to tell this new mom that you’re really thinking about her mental well-being. 

Also, it’s not a gift that’s going to be used for one occasion and discarded once the baby is old. A diffuser can be used anytime and anywhere in the house for as long as it’s still working.  

11- Ask the new parent what they really need

They will appreciate it when you ask. Maybe they fancy something but it’s too expensive to get. Asking the new parent will save you a lot of time thinking about the gift. Let them know your budget for the gift and they will tell you what they really need. 

Giving presents doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Anything that serves a purpose will be appreciated. Sometimes the smallest gift can make a huge impact on the other person’s life. Every tiny bit helps. 

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