10 best advices for first time moms I wish I knew sooner

If you’re worried about being a good mother, it means you already are one.”

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As a first time mom, you’ll experience everything for the first time, you’ll have no clue and you’ll probably be inundated with tips and information that will leave you helpless and anxious. I know how it feels! and although I personally rarely give advices for first time moms on how to do things, I do like to reassure and give a word of comfort for my fellow new moms. because I know it can be such an overwhelming experience for a lot of us.

  Being a mom, is probably the hardest yet the most rewarding job ever. It’s so great and fulfilling. Becoming a mom can teach you a lot about yourself. Motherhood is a long-term experience but at the same time, it’s a short-term journey. Your children are only children for a brief period of time. That’s why you need to make the most out of every second of it.

My best advices for first time moms

1. There is NO rule! 

  When it comes to parenting you just need to follow your child and your heart -just go with the flow. Parenting is about learning along the way. When you give birth to your child, nobody will give you the manual, you will need to figure it out all by yourself. You’ll make mistakes sometimes but hey! THAT’S how you learn.

2. don’t follow what other people say to you. Just follow your mom’s instinct.

   I feel like whenever people see a new mom they tend to give a bunch of advice and do’s and don’ts. But a lot of times, as new moms we feel so pressured and overwhelmed by the number of pieces of advice we’re given and it can be really stressful. That’s why you just need to listen and only do what makes you and your family happy. JUST follow your heart.

3. You are doing an amazing job, never doubt yourself.

  There will come some moments in your motherhood journey when you doubt yourself and feel like you’re not good enough for your family but I just want to reassure you that those feelings do occur and it’s so normal to experience them. Give yourself some grace and always remind yourself that you’re doing the most honourable job in the whole world. Trust your self mama!

4. be proud of yourself and embrace your new body.

OKAY! Let’s talk this one through. You’ve probably scrolled through social media and seen all of these women who have just given birth and yet they look flawless and have no sign of stretch marks or even cellulite, right? Don’t ever compare your body to theirs. YOU are beautiful the way you look right now. YOU just need to accept your body and focus on your inner health because that’s what matters the most. Give your body some grace.

5. Breastfed or formula-fed, it doesn’t matter. Fed is best.

   Breastfeeding is very important for the child’s development and it’s a great way for moms to bond with their babies. But sometimes breastfeeding just doesn’t work for everybody. Some moms can’t breastfeed for various reasons. And you know what? That’s okay. There’s no shame in that.  As long as you are giving all your love and keeping your bubba fed and healthy and secure then that’s the most important thing. Fed is best! 

6. postpartum depression is real, it’s OKAY! Just seek help.

Maybe you’ve heard about this one before or maybe you haven’t. It’s okay. It’s so normal to experience some sort of depression after having a baby, this kind of depression is often referred to as “baby blues” and some fathers do experience them too. Just speak to your doctor and they should be very happy to help you out or speak to someone you trust and talk about your feelings and don’t be afraid to speak or seek help. Be strong.

7. Embrace your new body

your body spent nine months making a beautiful tiny human being inside you and it will at least take another nine months to go back to its normal state. Just give it some grace and let it do its job.

  I often see or hear women complaining about how their body looks after having a baby and they want to go back to shape right after going through labour and I always wonder, Don’t they realize that their body just went through so much in a short period of time! Do they know how much work their body just did? Just give your body the time it deserves to heal and give yourself some peace. Be proud of that pooch and thick thighs. 

8. enjoy the first week with your baby.

  The first week will go quickly and with all the pain you’re experiencing after giving birth and with all the crying, sleepless nights, adjusting to life with a newborn and learning how to take care of him you might actually forget that you need to make beautiful memories with your tiny human. Enjoy every single moment. Let the dishes build up. Let the house be messy for a while. Ask for someone to help you if you have someone available. Just try your best to enjoy the newborn stage because those days are so precious. They are your first ever days together. Be gentle with yourself!

9. take as many photos and videos as you can, you’ll never regret it.

  You’ll be surprised that you’ll actually forget what your baby looked like when he was a newborn and how did he act or what were his special moments. That’s why you need to take as many photos and videos together as you can because when you look back to them years later they will bring back so many heartwarming moments to memory.

10. read to your child every single day.

  From day one you can actually start reading out loud to your baby even though they will not understand what you’re saying to them. Just keep reading because it will make a huge impact on their language development and it’s such a huge opportunity for you or your partner to bond with the baby and create a strong relationship. Reading is important.

11. if you ever need some time out just have one. 

  It is normal to feel pressured and overwhelmed. Just take a break and go back when you feel relaxed. A little break like having a warm bath or a cup of tea alone can do wonders. Never feel guilty for feeling tired.

     In conclusion, I just want you to feel relaxed and try to find happiness even in the most depressing moments in your life because that will have a huge impact on your children’s life and personality.

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