10 must-have potty training supplies

Potty training is one of many significant milestones your child will go through. It’s both exciting and challenging at the same time. Your baby has been used to going in his diaper, but now he’s suddenly expected to go to the toilet just like everybody else.

Many people take different approaches to potty training, but at the end of the day, the result is what matters the most. However, while going through this journey of potty training with your child, you’re gonna need some potty training supplies to help you along the way.

Must have potty training supplies

  1. A potty

Big toilets can be scary and overwhelming for kids, especially the little ones. That’s why it’s a good idea to make them go potty before you attempt to make them sit on the big toilet. They’ll feel less anxious and they’ll learn faster.

  1. underwear

Once you decide you’re going to potty train, you need to ditch diapers, at least in the morning. You’re going to need a bunch of underwear just in case of an accident (which you’ll most likely have). That way, your child will learn the difference between wetting himself and going on a diaper. He’ll pick up the potty quickly. 

You must also check:

  1. Pull-ups diapers

Pull-ups are a must-have in the early days of potty training. You’re gonna need them when you’re not home or at nighttime. They’re much more convenient than regular nappies. 

  1. Potty training Toilet seat

Once your child is all trained and is ready to use the big toilet, they’re gonna need a seat reducer to fit properly. this will allow him easy access to the toilet when you’re not around.  

  1. Stool

Stools are really helpful for teaching your child to go on his own to the toilet. It’ll help him climb up and down the toilet and also keep his feet on a hard surface rather than dangling

  1. Foldable potty

A foldable potty is a must-have, you can simply carry it around when you’re out and about to allow your child to go to the toilet when you’re outside. This is to avoid wearing diapers or running to the car to go potty. You can simply just carry it in a plastic bag. 

  1. Foldable toilet seat

If you’re limited in space and you don’t want to carry a whole foldable potty around, then this is the right option for you. It’s easy to set up and pop on any public toilet. 

  1. Wipes

I’m sure you already use wipes, but I thought I would mention it anyway. They clean better than regular toilet paper and they are gentle on your child’s bum. 

  1. A wet bag

Many people don’t know about wet bags. They’re great. They keep the moisture in and they are big enough to carry your child’s wet clothes if, God forbid, has an accident when you’re at the mall.

  1. Protective mattress cover

When you start potty training, you may want to go easy and keep the nighttime diaper. But if you want to remove the diaper altogether then you need to invest in a couple of good protective mattress covers. Because depending on your child’s age when you potty-train him, he’ll still be bed-wetting while asleep, because children, especially young ones can’t control their bladder while asleep. Every child is different of course, some can learn to hold it when asleep earlier than others. 


Every child is different, and every potty training will look different. That’s why you need to be patient and that’s why you need to invest in materials that are going to make your potty training journey as easier as possible.

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